The Hat Maker
The Hat Maker

Traumatic and humorous twists and turns shape the lives and fortunes of two neighbours born in the docklands of South Wales in the 1870s. Theatre, fashion, and ‘high society’ in Herefordshire and London become a linchpin in their story.
Music and Oppression
Music and Oppression by Dr Sonja Strode

Sloughing the Skin
Doctor Sonja Strode
Full of ethnomusicological, historical, and cultural interest, this new book unravels the lives of two female Estonian
classical singers during
Tallinn’s periods of
London in the 60s proves to be a significant shaping ‘moment’ in Dr. Sonja Strode’s thinking about music and musicians, as well as other aspects of living culture.

Her special ‘brew’ is sprinkled with humour, history, and cultural insights as she lifts the veil on diverse music spaces.

Dr Sonja Strode's Bitches Brew
Dr Sonja Strode's Bitches Brew
Doctor Sonja's Bitches Brew
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